Many options are offered to meet your budget & needs.

Life Legacies

Comprehensive interview(s) and research
document your life experiences.​

Short Stories

Interview(s) to document an occasion (i.e. birth of a child, wedding, special vacation) or period of life (i.e. college experience or career). Short stories can also be a condensed version of the life legacy, with a reduced number of interview hours.

Family Legacies

Genealogical data; family stories; and social, economic, and political contexts are integrated into a narrative.

Corporate Histories

Research and interviews are combined to record the evolution of your company or business. 

Heritage Building & House Histories

Detailed research of the building or house site (and sometimes the colorful characters involved) is conducted.

My Parting Thoughts

Letters to family and descendants outline your values, life lessons, hopes and dreams.

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