Others have said . . .

"Amy, working with you was a 100% pleasure. The extra research added so much enlightenment to my journey in life." - B. H., Narrator/Client

"I am thoroughly enjoying Grandma's book. I can only get through a few pages at a time before I need reflection time. Thank you so much for putting it together."  - D.H., Client's grandson

"Everyone is enjoying Mom's book. She gave each of the grandchildren one for Christmas and saw several people reading it right away. I'm very pleased with the way it has turned out and Mom is, too." - E. A., Client

"Amy was a joy to work with! She was very professional and patient. She helped guide me along to find things that would make my book interesting. I would recommend anyone who wants a book to have her do it. In my opinion, she is the best that money can buy!" - J. A., Client

“Amy Peirce is a good listener, a gifted writer, creative in book format and progressed with the project in a timely fashion. Amy is upbeat, was interested the project and is well-informed about area history. It was a positive experience and our book is beautiful and one which are proud to share. Our kids and grandkids will love it!” B.A., Client

“Amy did a fantastic job of recalling S’s life. Our family cannot thank her enough for all the research, pictures and writing! Many, many thank yous from the whole family. We all love it!” B.W., Client

“The process was a delight. Amy makes it so easy and pleasurable. We’re very happy with the final product. I would highly suggest everyone consider making their own book but I would not try it without Amy and Stories in Time!” B.M., Client

“Comments from those who have seen the book are ‘Wow, nice!’ and ‘Who helped you do this?’ The quality and appearance of the books are great. You were so easy to work with – professional yet personal. You have the ability to put a lot of information into an interesting and easy-to-read book. It was fun!” – R.A., Narrator/Client

“We loved the idea of doing the book. Our grandchildren are finding out who we were so long ago. By giving the book to our siblings, we got answers to questions the memories brought up. Working with Amy was a blast. We’ll treasure the book always!” – M.P., Narrator

"We love the books! I'm pretty emotional at this point with dad's diagnosis of Alzheimer's, and I just know that the books are going to be even more treasured as time goes on. So thank you, thank you, thank you for giving our family this amazing gift that makes us smile now and will comfort us in the future." - K.W., Client

"You did such a wonderful job with my mother's life story; and the project exceeded my expectations in every way. The book puts into print what I thought I knew of my mother's life; but, more importantly, you were able to capture portions of my mom's life that I knew nothing about and which could have been lost forever. This life story will live on through my daughters and my grandchildren. What a great thing to leave to my family . . . my mother's journey through life in written form. Thanks again for all your research, hard work, and patience in putting this Life Legacy together." - J.F., Client

“My cousin stopped by last Friday evening to pick up the book we made for Mom & Dad’s 60th Anniversary. On Saturday evening, she called and sounded a little stuffy. She said, ‘I think I should get my money back for this book. I’ve been sitting here crying while reading it for the last half an hour. It is so nicely done, and is something we will treasure forever.’ I told her I was also very happy with the way it turned out and maybe I should charge her double since she would be able to use it any time she needed a good cry!” - L.S., Client 

"It was great having Amy to guide me through this project!  I was concerned because a number of times I thought of more experiences and photos I wanted to include, but Amy was very patient, understanding, and helpful.  She's wonderful!  Without her skills, this beautiful book would not have happened; it would still be scattered throughout photo albums and the memories in my mind." - B.D., Narrator/Client

"You did a wonderful job and you have that warm and bonding personality that gives you a connection with your clients. I wish you the best of luck on your journey! I will definitely be spreading the word for your business. Thanks again for everything!" - S.A., Client

"I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed doing the book. You are so understanding and listened to all I said. You do such a good job getting it all together in such a nice way. Thank you."
 - A.B., Narrator

"Amy is wonderful and very easy to work with. She was very compassionate, caring, loving and even cried and laughed with me as I told my story. Every mother, grandma, etc. should pass on 'their story' to the younger generation and this is a very wonderful way of doing that."  - S.B., Narrator

"We have watched the DVD and read the book a few times. Everyone loves it!  It is so cool to hear Dora’s voice on the DVD, but her voice also comes through reading the book. You did a wonderful job!" - D.D., Client